Fungal Infections


Fungal Infections

Some fungal infections can develop in the genital area. The most common of these is an infection called Thrush.

Your chance of developing genital fungal infections may be increased:

  • by taking antibiotics
  • from restricted airflow to the genitals by wearing tight underwear / clothes or synthetic fabrics
  • by vaginal douching (washing) with perfumed bath products
  • if you have diabetes or are pregnant

And for men

  • from not washing under the foreskin

Some fungal infections can be passed on sexually – these include Thrush, Jock Itch (like athletes foot, but around the genitals) and Balanitis (inflammation of the end of the penis).

There are a number of creams, lotions and tablets available from your chemist, doctor or sexual health clinic that can help clear up or reduce the symptoms of fungal infections.

You can get free and confidential advice and information about sexually transmitted infections from your local GP, Nurse or from Sexual Health Sheffield’s STI Screening and Treatment Service.

If used correctly and consistently, condoms can help reduce the chance of the sexual transmission of fungal infections.