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When telephoning our service to book an appointment we will be routinely asking all patients the following additional questions:

  • If you currently have an unexplained rash on any part of your body, a fever, or any new lumps in your neck, groin or under your arm
  • If you have been in close contact with someone with confirmed Monkeypox in the 21 days before your symptoms started
  • If you have travelled to or from West or Central Africa in the 21 days before your symptoms started

These questions are being asked to help us reduce the possibility of monkeypox transmission. Please be assured that the above information will be treated with the same level of confidentiality and respect afforded to all patients

Vaccination Updates:

We are now providing a service for those who are eligible – offering the vaccination which can help protect from monkeypox.

If you feel that you would meet the eligibility criteria for this vaccination and would like to book an appointment please telephone: 0114 226 8888

Please note –  Appointments are dependent on national and local availability of the vaccine and there may be a delay on when an appointment can be arranged.


Update 22nd August 2022

Due to the limited supply of vaccines nationally, Sexual Health Sheffield are unable to offer follow up appointments for 2nd vaccines and our current supply for 1st vaccinations is very limited. We have been advised to expect a further supply of vaccines in the 3rd or 4th week of September so should you require your 1st or 2nd vaccine please call us on 0114 226 8888 and select option 2 to be placed on a waiting list.

The UKHSA have released a press release here with an update on the vaccination to protect against monkeypox in England

If you have any enquiries about monkeypox or the vaccination please email us at:


Other Updates

The UK Health Security Agency have shared a new information resource ‘Protecting you from monkeypox – information on the smallpox vaccination’ – available to read and download here


The UK Health Security have also shared a really useful video on twitter where Professor Kevin Fenton talks about monkeypox cases, what we’re asking people to look out for and what do do if you have symptoms.

Check the link below for more information