Info and Advice


Recent reports show that there have been a number of confirmed Monkeypox infections in the UK. While the current risk level is low we are asking patients some additional questions when booking an appointment. This will ensure that we continue to offer the best possible care.

We will be asking:

  • If you currently have an unexplained rash on any part of your body, a fever, or any new lumps in your neck, groin or under your arm
  • If you have been in close contact with someone with confirmed Monkeypox in the 21 days before your symptoms started
  • If you have travelled to or from West or Central Africa in the 21 days before your symptoms started
  • If you are a gay, bisexual or another man who has sex with men

Please be assured that this information will be treated with the same level of confidentiality and respect afforded to all patients


The UK Health Security have shared a really useful video on twitter where Professor Kevin Fenton talks about Monkeypox cases, what we’re asking people to look out for and what do do if you have symptoms.

Check the link below for more information