Bacterial infections


Gonorrhoea – What is it?

Gonorrhoea is another common bacterial STI (sometimes called the Clap) that is very similar to chlamydia in how it is transmitted and the areas of the body it affects.

However, unlike chlamydia, the majority of males will experience symptoms, but the majority of women will not. These symptoms could include:

  • an unusual white, yellow or green discharge from the penis or vagina
  • pain when urinating or having sex
  • irritation, discharge or itching in the rectum

Health effects

If not detected and treated, gonorrhoea can also have long-term effects on our health. It can affect fertility in both men and women and could cause abdominal pain.


Treatment for gonorrhoea consists of a single high dosage of antibiotic tablets or a combination of tablets and an injection. This is a very effective treatment for most people, but they should refrain from having sex until tests show that the treatment has worked.