Fungal Infections


Balanitis – What is it?

Balanitis is a condition where the end of the penis (or the glans) becomes inflamed, leading to redness, irritation and soreness. Men who experience this can sometimes mistake this for symptoms of an STI.

Possible causes of balanitis are:

  • a build up of yeast infection, urine, sweat or other debris under the foreskin
  • an allergic reaction to some soaps, washing powders or cleansing products
  • an allergic reaction to condoms
  • phimosis – a condition where the foreskin is tight and does not pull back over the glans
  • another sexually transmitted infection

Treatment options

Treatments depend on the cause of balanitis, but could include:

  • an anti-yeast cream or tablets (e.g.canesten)
  • a steroid cream to reduce inflammation
  • advising the use of non-latex condoms
  • circumcision (if the man has phimosis)
  • regular washing of the glans with water and a bland soap
  • treatments for any STIs present