Advice on Chemsex


Advice on Chemsex

Sexual Health Sheffield provides a safe non-judgemental service where you can talk openly to us about any chemsex you may be having or considering. If you are engaging in chemsex our advice includes:

  • Screen for STIs regularly including HIV and Hepatitis C
  • Ask us for information about vaccinations and PrEP eligibility
  • Play with someone you trust if possible, as your judgement can be dramatically impaired on chems
  • Know your limits – Establish a set of boundaries while sober about what you are and what you are not prepared to do sexually and with chems, that you can refer to later when high
  • Don’t play for too long – paranoia and hallucinations can be common on your second day awake
  • Don’t let someone else inject you
  • Do not share needles, or other injecting equipment
    if you are uncertain about safer injecting practices please contact the Sheffield Opiates Drug Service on 0114 305 0500 for advice – you can also find information about safer injecting and needle exchange sites in Sheffield at
  • Don’t play too regularly to avoid depression, weight loss and psychological dependence.
    Make sure there’s a mix of sober sex (sex without chems), some dating, and plenty of non-sexual recreation and intimacy

(original source: 56 Dean Street ‘Chem Sex Tips’)


If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, including being unable to consent to sex during Chemsex and you wish to report it to the police – all allegations of crime are taken seriously and sexual assaults are dealt with sensitively by specially trained officers. A person will be asked if they have taken or used drugs or alcohol – mainly to make sure they are feeling well enough to give a proper account of what happened, and legally agree to a medical examination.