Young People and Sexual Health


Young People and Sexual Health

This two day course will take participants on an insightful and reflective journey, examining and addressing the sexual health issues facing young people growing up in the modern world. Themes that we will discuss together include:

  • Teenage sexual development & behaviours – What to expect & when to worry.
  • Working with Confidentiality policies, Safeguarding & Child protection.
  • Young people, Sex and the law.
  • Consent – Making all young people understand.
  • The pressures of social media & implications for sexual health
  • Teaching Young People about STIs & contraception
  • Self-esteem, Resilience and Empowerment – Saying ‘Yes’ & Saying ‘No’
  • Sexual health inequalities & how these affect young people
  • Child Sexual Exploitation & Healthy / Unhealthy relationships
  • Exposure to Pornography
  • Discussing Masturbation & Pleasure
  • Practical and educational activities to use with young people


A essential course for Teachers, Youth workers, Project workers and indeed anyone who works holistically with young people in the modern world

*£100 to Sheffield Organisations / £250 to National Organisations