Vasectomy Services

Vasectomy (or male sterilisation) is a reliable method of contraception for men that involves minor surgery. Following a successful operation, no other form of contraception is needed to prevent unintended pregnancies, although you should still use condoms to prevent STI’s. Vasectomies are available in our service free of charge.

Sexual Health Sheffield Vasectomy Service

Our vasectomy service uses a “non-scalpel” vasectomy technique which is a minimal invasive procedure which is generally less painful, leads to less bruising and has a much quicker recovery time than traditional methods.

If you are considering a vasectomy, you (and your partner if you have one) will be invited to an assessment appointment to discuss the operation and implications for you, your family and your relationships of having a vasectomy. You should only have a vasectomy if you are certain that you do not want to have any, or any further , children. If you have any doubts, consider another method of contraception until you are completely sure.

How Do I Arrange a Vasectomy?

If you are thinking about having a vasectomy, you can either see your GP to be referred to the Sexual Health Sheffield Vasectomy Service or you can self-refer by completing a Vasectomy self-referral form

Once you have been referred, or your form has been received by us, you will be offered a Vasectomy Assessment appointment; this is a pre-operation appointment which you attend with your partner to discuss the operation and whether it is right for you. Once you have had this appointment, and both you and the clinician agree that this is the correct procedure for you, a date will be booked for your operation.

This pre-operation appointment will take place at either the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Vasectomy operations are carried out on a Wednesday at  Central Health Clinic, 1 Mulberry Street, Sheffield S1 2 PJ

Contact For more information

For more information about our Vasectomy Service, please contact us on 0114 226 8888 (option 3)