Pitstop+ Service for Gay & Bisexual Men


Pitstop+ sexual health support for gay and bisexual men

Pitstop+ offers free and  confidential support for gay and bisexual men, and other men who have sex with men

Services include:

  • Weekly walk-in sexual health service offering full STI screening – open Thursdays from 5-7pm*
  • One-to-one support – available at the weekly walk-in service or by request
  • Online sexual health information and support
  • Free condoms and lube by post
  • Referal and signposting to other support services

*If you have any symptoms or require treatment for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) please telephone on 0114 226 8888 to book an appointment

Contact for Further Information

Contact Matt Harrison on 0114 226 1404 or e-mail matthew.harrison@sth.nhs.uk

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