Contraception Service

Sexual Health Sheffield provides a wide range of free and confidential contraception methods, information and advice as well as Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening and treatment. You can also access contraception methods from your local GP surgery – see our current list of of providing practices here

Condoms help to protect against STIs and pregnancy, so whatever other method of contraception you’re using to prevent pregnancy, use condoms as well to protect you and your partner’s health.

Our Service

Services available in our Contraception Service include:

  • Long-acting reversible (LARC) contraception
  • Contraceptive pills, injections and implants
  • Information about female and male sterilisation
  • Management of contraception problems
  • Free condoms and lube for men and women of all ages (condoms help protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections)
  • Emergency contraception: if you have sex without using contraception or think that your contraception might have failed
  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Support for unplanned pregnancy and help with pregnancy decision making

More Information

For more information about our Contraception and other services provided by Sexual Health Sheffield please contact us on 0114 226 8888

Alternatively go to the National Institute for Health Research website for more information about the different methods available.