LGBT & Sexual Health: Supporting Health & Wellbeing

This one day course will give an introduction to the LGBT+ community, examining relevant and pertinent issues to give participants an insight into the everyday lives of the LGBT service users that you serve in whatever your workplace setting. As the day progresses, we will go on to examine the bridge between these issues and the impact that they have on an individuals sexual health needs and how you as an organisation can seek to address these.

  • Terminology: Understanding new & emerging identities and their pronouns
  • How are our views on Gender & Sexual identity formed… Understanding unconscious bias & interpretation of societal messages if you identify as LGBT+?
  • The LGBT experience & Health inequalities in the UK
  • Oppression & the role of Shame on individuals sexual choices
  • The ‘Coming out’ process – What it is, what it can involve (including risk & relief), and how best to support
  • Which bits go where? Inclusive sex education & risk reduction techniques
  • PEP, PrEP, HPV and Chemsex
  • The specific sexual health needs of the LGBT+ community, inc: Trends in infections & prevention, promotion and testing
  • Practical scenarios & Resources, inc; Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Prejudice, Pronouns, Parenting, Reporting hate crime & how to be an ally
*£75 to Sheffield Organisations / £150 to National Organisations