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Diploma for the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (DFSRH) – Individual Clinical Assessments

Once the DFSRH (Course of Five) is completed, attendance at 4 practical clinical assessment sessions is required to complete the diploma.

These Assessment of Clinical Practice (ACP) sessions can be completed Sexual Health Sheffield.

In order to complete the requirements of the diploma programme, participants need to complete a series of assessments from a list of topic areas (four of which must be ACPs). The seven topic areas are:

  1. An effective contraception choices consultation
  2. Consultation with a woman wishing to use an oral or injectable contraceptive, patch or vaginal ring
  3. Assessing and advising a woman wishing to use an intrauterine method or subdermal implant,
  4. prior to insertion
  5. Responding to a request for emergency contraception
  6. Taking an appropriate history from and assessment of a woman with bleeding problems whilst using an hormonal method
  7. Taking an appropriate sexual history and risk assessment for STI and pregnancy and performing
  8. the appropriate tests for an asymptomatic woman or man requesting sexual health screening
  9. Taking an appropriate history and assessment of a woman with vaginal discharge or pelvic pain

For more information about the training, please download this document: course-of-5-information-booklet

At Sexual Health Sheffield, we have the experience and resources to support people studying for the diploma to complete the ACP elements of this training.

For more information, please email or call 0114 2268888


*£200 to Sheffield Organisations / £200 to National Organisations